PHP scripts and programs for Beginner to Master

php programs, php ready to use scripts & functions, css tutorials, html, javascripts, ajax examples for Beginner to Master

Hi Friends, is a place to share experience and knowledge.

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Even I am thinking of putting a section which will list the useful resources for programming, so if you have a blog or website which is related to php, php codes, php scripts, ajax, css, html,open source or if its technical blog then please contact me by writing a comment here about your blog, i will definitely like to add your link here on my blog.
Because to share our knowledge it has to be accessible to other many people. So lets help each other to share knowledge.

We all can have a section on our blog or website to share some useful resources which also helps in link building & SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and promotion.

Your comments are always welcome about this idea, whether is good or bad.
I am waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

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