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If you are user of the Firefox web browser then this is the useful place for you.

Here i am listing down some of the common shortcuts.

1) Open new Tab                       ctrl + t
2) Close current Tab                 ctrl + w
3) Fullscreen ON / OFF           F11
4) Refresh                                  F5
5) Increase Font Size               ctrl + + 
6) Decrease Font Size              ctrl + -
7) Normal Font Size                 ctrl + 0
8) Find                                       ctrl + F
9) Scroll Down                          space
10) Scroll Up                            shift + space

A Great addon for the Firefox ! ! !

If you are want to understand how the page is displayed in firefox browser, how it is divided and showed then you can use the firebug addons for better understanding of the code.

Install this addon from the following URL.

After installation it will ask to restart the firefox.
Restart the firefox and you are done.

After that just right click on any part of the page and click "Inspect Element".

A window will be opened showing the code of the element.

You can alter the code there to see the temporary changes caused by modifying the code or css.
Its very useful for web developers.


PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor)

PHP is a scripting language used for producing dynamic webpages.
PHP is a free open-source server-side scripting language. 
PHP code can be embedded in HTML.

You can find the more information about php on the following Wiki link.

If you are a beginner to php then there are some useful resources available on the net to start with.

You can go through following sites to get information.

1) - This is a very useful website explaining many functions with examples.

more links will be here........

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